for SPRING, SUMMER, and FALL of 2018

June 16 to August 5–
Saturdays & Sundays 12pm to 4pm

Visit our exhibit of the finest examples of quilts being created today in the Catskills. A true art form quilts communicate the joys of life through fabric.
“You'll be amazed at what can be done with fabric and imagination!"

August 10 to October 7–
Saturdays & Sundays 12pm to 4pm

This is your opportunity to view rarely seen vintage quilts from families who lived in Gilboa. Beautifully preserved, these quilts are a part of our American history.

Wednesday, April 18 - 7pm

Old Growth Trees

Fred Breglia from the Esperance Arboretum
"Big Trees of Schoharie County"
Fred is a recognized expert on trees in this region of New York State. He provides his expertise at Landis, an arboretum and public garden with rare old growth forest incorporating hundreds of acres in Schoharie & Montgomery Counties of New York State.
“Their collection of oaks of the Northeast is nationally recognized."

Wednesday, May 16 - 7pm

Bartholomew Geologist

Alex Bartholomew from New Paltz University Alex Bartholomew will present his passion for geology in simple terms that are understandable for non-science people. After his presentation you'll see the cliffs, rocks, and local landscape in a completely different light and gain a greater appreciation for where you live.

Wednesday, June 20 - 7pm

Metal Detector

Chris Altman - "Historical Metal Detecting"
The course of American history has moved over our region since the beginnings of the country. From musket shot to silver and gold coins lay beneath the ground. Chris will present his findings and talk about his passion for discovering the past under our feet.

Sunday, July 8
12pm to 4pm

Gilboa fest

GILBOAFEST! from 10;00am to 4:00pm Come spend the day on the Museum grounds in Gilboa and enjoy mountain crafts for sale, fun foods, regional wine tasting along with a bake sale and raffle.
We'll be dedicating our new pavilion currently featuring our Quilt Show and Display at 2pm the same day.

August 15 – 6pm to 8pm

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Social and Hot Pots–Come join us for an enjoyable early evening of delicious ice cream treats, including hot fudge sundaes, and savory hot pots!
Bring your sweet tooth!

August 18

Tri-County Paint Out - Regional artists will come together for the day and paint scences of Gilboa. After spending the day outside painting what they have seen there will be an art auction of their paintings held at the Museum starting at 2pm. There will be a food, wine, and beer tasting too! This is an opportunity to acquire an original piece of art of our beautiful area for display.

July and August
no meetings at the Museum

Wednesday, September 19 - 7pm


Mike West, will give a presentation about our 16th President Abraham Lincoln. A lawyer and statesman Lincoln presided over the greatest crisis our country has ever faced. He preserved the Union and abolished slavery while strengthening the federal government and modernizing the economy. Mike West will present historic facts and little known insights into Lincoln's presidency.

Wednesday, October 17 - 7pm

Francis Driscoll

Francis Driscoll Photography of Greene County
Francis Driscoll is an award winning photographer, whose work has appeared in National Geographic Explorer and other prestigious publications. Francis will talk about his many excursions into Greene County and surronding areas to capture the beauty of this region for posterity. his book Images of the Catskills, is a celebration of his work.

Wednesday, November 14 - 7pm

Monarch Butterfly

"Monarchs and their travels through the Catskills"
Every autumn, around three million Monarch butterflies will travel around 3,000 miles to inhabit the mountains of central Mexico or small groves of trees along California’s coast to avoid the cold of the Northeast. Many of these butterflies will travel through or depart from the Catskills. Their migration is a natural, survival instinct that has amazed people around the world as there is no other North American butterfly that migrates the way that most birds do. This presentation will give you a better understanding of this yearly miracle that happens right here in our backyards.